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upgrade to JSTL 1.2 and JSF 1.2

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edited Sep 10, 2008 10:13AM in WebLogic Portal
I created a Portal project in weblogic workspace studio 1.1 (weblogic portal 10.2). The portal was created with the default facets. I did not add JSF facet etc. Now all I am trying to do is upgrade to JSTL 1.2 from the add/remove project facets page. But I dont see 1.2 option in the dropdown. I can see the JSTL library in the C:\bea\wlserver_10.0\common\deployable-libraries folder. But for some freaking reason I am not able to select it. I thrn went to Window->Preferences->Workshop->Downloadable Libraries->JSTL library and tried adding the new JSTL 1.2 library but neither do I see JSTL 1.2 option in the drop down to download from BEA website and nor can I pick up that library from the existing JSTL installation.

Also having the same issue with JSF. I cannot pick JSF 1.2 (i downloaded the myfaces JSF 1.2 libraries from the apache myfaces site)

Its frustrating because I dont want to put a hack (dont want change configarations files etc). No idea why it has to this hard. Can someone please help.


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