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Portal - AS Data Migration and upgrade

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I'd like to say all your posts have help us, like oracle official documentation. But, after reading all theses information, I've just a question :

We plan to upgrade our 9.0.4 AS version to 10.1.2 and after 10.1.4. In our current Portal version, we have more than 1200 documents, as folder/links : can we migrate them during upgrading ?

I'read a lot of posts on this topic (upgrading), and Oracle doc ( for example, but (like the newbie I am), haven't find what a look for.

Thanks a lot for all the care you''ll gonna take to my question,
Best regards,



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    Content already loaded in Portal Repository, will not be affected\modified by the upgrade. There is no need to migrate unless you are planning to perform an out-of-place upgrade (e.g. set a new 10gR2 instance and migrate the content via export/import);

    Links to folders\documents will change as a result of the upgrade. URL syntax changed in Portal 10gR2 as follow:
    10gR1 URL /pls/portal in 10gR2 is /portal/pls/portal
    document links in R1 /pls/portal/docs/page in R2 /portal/page/portal

    Users will get a warning message notifying them of the link change with a redirect to the page.
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    658620 Member Posts: 9
    Hi, thanks a lot for your answer (and please excuse-me for not answering soon) !
    It's perfect because we'll stay on our existing instance...

    So, once again, thanks a lot !
    I'll mark this question has answered, but if anyone wants to post another experience....

    Bst Regards,
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