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Can't see databases in Hyperion Workspace or Web Analysis 9.3.1

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edited Sep 10, 2008 2:54PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

I installed all the components of reporting and analysis (services, ui services, client). I had also installed Shared services, created a user and created an essbase database/application.
However, when I log on to the Workspace, I can't see any databases (including the sample/demo) in the Workspace or Web Analysis and thus am unable to create any reports. In the manual, it says the following:

Log on to Workspace, go to Navigate > Explore and Add Database Connection.
Alternatively, you can do it from the Edit Menu in Web Analysis.

Unfortunately, the first option doesn't seem to exist, while the Edit menu is disabled in Web Analysis.

Can anyone please point me to the right direction?

Thanks a lot!


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    578254 Member Posts: 338
    Sounds like a Provisioning issue. Did you Provision your ID with appropriate access to Analytic Services within Shared Services?

    Wayne Van Sluys
    TopDown Consulting
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    563648 Member Posts: 38
    Yes, I provisioned the Admin user to access all services (that I could see) in Hyperion Shared services. I can log on to the Workspace with the admin user. Is there any particular provisioning item I should be looking out for?
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    578254 Member Posts: 338
    Start in Shared Services

    What have you Provisioned your user with?

    Are there Projects Registered with Shared Services? Have you Assigned Users to those Projects?

    I would suggest you refer to the Hyperion Security Guide as a starting point

    Wayne Van Sluys
    TopDown Consulting
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