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portal design and source code

user9503787 Member Posts: 162
edited Sep 30, 2008 1:41PM in WebLogic Portal

How can I make the HTML generated from the portal more readable? When I view the page source some tags like table, div are separated into few lines.

I have a portal composed as one main book (book1). book1 has some pages (page1). Then each page has one book (book2). That book can has 1 to n pages (p1, Can I just put book2 in book1, or even p1 in book1 if book2 only has one page p1? What's the difference? I will think it's simpler.



  • 649271
    649271 Member Posts: 76

    You cannot format a view source.

    Yes you can have a book under another book. Whatever possibilies you are saying seems possible. Just drag and drop.

  • 653103
    653103 Member Posts: 114
    yeah, it looks terrible, but that's something you must live with unless you edit the weblogic libraries. XD
  • 648832
    648832 Member Posts: 88
    If you're using WLP 10.0 or later, use the Bighorn look and feel as your starting point. In Bighorn's skeleton, we've cleaned up a lot of the markup to make it easier to read and understand.

    You might also look into Firebug ( or another web development tool of similar ilk, to help you when you're trying to read rendered markup.

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