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Invalid state error when using concurrent sessions in Discoverer Viewer

tester_geni Member Posts: 3
edited Sep 17, 2008 4:58PM in Discoverer
We are oracle 10g DB for Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer application.

We have a problem when a user logs in with the same ID on two different sessions under one machine(1 mac address).

The error message is as per below.

"The Application encountered an invalid state.
No state was found matching the state identifier provided. This can happen if your session timed out. Please start the operation again.

Indez: 10, Size:0"

The index and size varies at different times.

We suspect that the problem's caused by a confusion between the StateIDs of the two sessions. This can be replicated by modifying the querying URL; by manually changing the value of the StataID parameter.

It will be good if somebody can help us on this...

Albin Abraham


  • puppethead-Oracle
    puppethead-Oracle Member Posts: 958 Employee
    Are you using the same browser for the two sessions? I have seen instances where the user opens, say, IE, connects to Disco, and runs a worksheet. They then open another IE window, start another session, and run a different worksheet. What I believe was happening (and I'm not sure because we told the users to stop doing this) was the second browser may have tried to "reuse" the java session started by the first browser. When you went back to the first browser, it no longer had a valid session because the second browser had taken it.

    To have to independent sessions, I'll start one in IE, and another in Firefox, or Netscape. This keeps the sessions from getting mixed up.

    Then again, I could be wrong...
  • Thanks for the reply.....

    We are using the same browser. Open multiple instances of IE.. Actually we ran into this situation when we tried to do a load test.. users trying to access the reports simultaniouly. So the tool opens many instances of browser (the way in which Oracle BI is designed prevents us from executing the HTTP way of load testing)... The system returns invalid state error.. Are you saying it is the way BI architecture behaves or is that the browser behaviour to mix up the session IDs.. ?

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