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Drill down needs to run different request

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An existing 5-level drill-down request must be changed to display a different report on drill-down from level 3 and produce this report through level 5. The different report differs in the columns it contains as well as the style and content of the graph. Since the different report is particular to the unique value at level 2, this value must be furnished to the level 3 report for filtering.

I am new enough to the Siebel Analytics/Oracle OBIEE tool that I dont know where to begin looking for an approach to this. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.



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    Hello Cliff,
    One workaround would be to disable hierarchy drillthroughs and instead use column/value interaction navigation. You will need to create the reports in each level and then navigate from one to another
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    67274 Member Posts: 13
    Kostis, thanks for your response. Can you provide more details on how to implement your recommendation? I'm fairly new to both the product and BI in general.

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    658058 Member Posts: 24
    Hello Cliff, I dont have the BI in front of me but the concept is this:

    Instead of creating one report and drilling down the 5 levels

    You create 5 reports each report showing what you would want to see in that 'level'. Then instead of drilling down you navigate from the first repor tyou created to the second one and then from the second to the third etc.

    If you want the reports you navigate to to be filtered by the value you click on you can filter them as "is prompted".

    Navigation can be found on properties>column properties>column/value interaction i think in the criteria. You set the repoirt you want to navigate to when the user clicks on a field. You can also enter multiple navigaation targets.

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