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Export ant script from BEA Workspace Studio version 1.1 - build ear

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edited Sep 15, 2008 1:35AM in WebLogic Portal

I have used the functionally to export ant build scripts for my projects, one control, one web and one earproject which I have just converted from bea 8.1 to bea 10. There are no compile errors in eclipse. When I run build in the generated scripts i get a warrning stating:

"beahive home not set, disabled APT"

Anyone know what to do about this warning? Have tried to set beehive home in the ant build script as a property also as environment variable in windows.


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    658120 Member Posts: 2

    Here is the exact warning when running ant target init from the generated build script:
    "Can't find a beehive home, disabling APT for project: mittNettstedWeb"

    It is the task mdimport which is giving the warning.

    <mdimport workspace="${workspace}" pjdir="${project.dir}" echo="${echo.metadata}">

    Where as the variables workspace, project.dir and echo.metadata is set. (Haved tried to print them in the build script before mdimport is run).

    Does anybody now anything about the mdimport task? Seems like it imports the metadata from eclipse, but where does it expect beehive home to be set?

    In advance thanks for any replys.

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