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Need some suggestions on accessing the generated report


We will be using BU Publisher to generate PDF reports. BIP EE will be deployed in its own app server.

Could anyone advice me on the best (easiest) collection mechanism. I would like to collect generated reports from my J2EE web app running on a different server.

I understand that there is a way to register a URL with BIP. Upon report generation, this URL is called and the associated servlet can then use the BIP Web Service to download the report and persist it for example in its own DB.

Is this the easiest/only way?

I understand that we can configure BIP to persist the report to a DB. Can this be any DB in the network? Or is it a BIP specific DB. Can this report be directly picked up from the BIP DB? is it stored as a blob?

Any pointers will be hugely helpful.

T George
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