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Cannot add pages to book in delegetad administration

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edited Sep 22, 2008 2:14PM in WebLogic Portal
Hi all,
I've setup a delegated admin role and assigned it to a book "MySubBook" in the portal (desktop > book > MySubBook).
I want the delegated admin to be able to define the content of MySubBook, e.g. adding new pages to the book.
Problem: When logged in, the delegated admin has no "Add Page" button in the books "Browse Contents" page.

I learned, that I need to assign rights for different portal assest (Library, Content, ...) to the delegated admin role, but what do I need to do to enable adding pages?



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    Can you tell me what version of WLP you are using?
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    I'm using 10.2
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    On WLP 10.2, I made your scenario work.

    1> Create a Portal with a subbook under main book.
    2> Went to portal admin console, created a streaming portal, created a desktop with visitor tools shell.
    3> Went to Users/Groups/Roles > Delegated Admin and created a new delegated admin called DelAdmin
    4> Went to Portal Management > Books > SubBook > last tab Delegated admin and added role DelAdmin
    5> Logged in to desktop went to subbook. Clicked on customize > pages > new Page and create da test page.

    Worked like a charm.

    Pls let me know if the steps help.


    PS. Dont forget to give points if the answer is helpful or correct.
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    edited Sep 21, 2008 2:01AM
    you are right, it works if I try to customize the book inside the desktop - if the desktop is enabled to do so...

    But I dont't understand why I'm not able to do this in the portal admin console.
    - in Portal Management select the book in the left navigation
    - in the right pane select browse content
    - I do not see the button "Add new page" (but I do, if I'm logged in as portal admin)

    Can you see the New_Page button in portal admin console when logged with delegated admin role?

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    I tried what you are saying.

    Infact for Admin user also I cannot see the option to add new pages in subbook. What I have to do is go to pages in the left navigation, add a new page there and then update webapp, come back to subbook and search for that pages and then add the new page to subbook.

    Ok so now for delgated admin also you have to provide access to the pages to create new pages in similar way for that user to add that page to subbook.

    Unless the user have access to create pages, how can he add a new page to subbook.

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