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CSS render dependency problems

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edited Sep 15, 2008 11:58AM in WebLogic Portal
We are using portal on a marketing site that has specific rendering requirements which are satisfied by extensive use of CSS. One such requirement is that themes can be used control the leading colour of the page i.e. changes the colour of heading text in page content and the logo in the header. The hope was to use the cascading nature of CSS to override styles so that the lowest level CSS definitions are applied to the page. The problem is that CSSs are being included on pages when they are not required:

Consider a site with a top level of books each of which has a set of pages beneath, each book is required to have a different leading colour. In Portal a set of themes have been defined which consist of skin definitions containing a link render dependency that point to the CSS with the appropriate colour definitions for that theme. When the theme is applied to a book all of the pages are rendered with that theme. However, when one page within the book requires a different colour this is not achievable, as adding a different theme to one specific page in the book results in it being rendered in all of the pages in that book. When the HTML source is examined it shows that for all pages in the book, both CSSs are declared in the head, in the order in which the pages occur in the book.

It seems that the render dependencies are being evaluated inside the book and added to all pages, but our expected behaviour is that only the render dependency associated with the active page will be rendered. Is there any way to control this behaviour?

We are using Portal 10.0 MP1, the CSS files we are using are being served by apache so the render dependency definitions are absolute. As an aside whenever the page is rendered a number of error messages appear in the weblogic log indicating that 'The look and feel resource at base path ... could not be found', this occurs for all of the CSS and script files used on the page even though they appear correctly in the head. I do not know if this is at all related to the issue but we would also like to make sure these errors stop appearing in our logs.
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