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Is any Public API available to create the rpd file programatically


In general is there any public API's that can be used to create the rpd file programatically?
I know that there is a discoverer migration tool to convert to rpd file is present in the latest version. But how to do it for the hyperion reports?
Searching for any API's that may be present to create the rpd file programatically.

Thanks & Regards
Sridhar D


  • Turribeach
    Turribeach Member Posts: 2,019 Silver Trophy
    You can use UDML to make changes to the RPD. However it is not supported by Oracle so you will be by yourself in anything goes wrong. You can also easily see the UDML code if you copy any objects from Administration tool into Notepad. This post will teach you the basics:
  • 79874
    79874 Member Posts: 20
    Thank you very much Turribeach for the answer.
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