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Newbie needing help with configuring New WebLogic Domain

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Have installed ALBMP Enterprise for WebLogic on a SUSE Linux distribution running on VMWare. Installation completed successfully and am working through configuring the install via the Configuration Wizard. I'm having problems creating a new WebLogic Domain. It throws up "Invalid WebLogic Home" when I try to enter any directory path for this field. It won't let me leave this field blank. Can anyone help? I'm running ALBPM 6.0 M3 version.


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    What path are you giving? a valid weblogic home is F:\bea102\wlserver_10.0 on windows. I think you are not including wlserver directory.
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    did it work???
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    Yes it did. Thanks.
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    i've installed OBPM Enterprise Standalone 10gR3 on Windows.
    now it must be configured before starting work. i have to install Weblogic and OracleDB10g?
    2.when i'm configuring Weblogic domain, i did as above, but it's still an invalid path. i guess the reason is that i haven't installed Weblogic yet, but since it's Standalone, Weblogic should be not necessary, then what is the reason? and how to configure it?

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    I haven't tried the Standalone edition so can't comment. Good luck with your problem.

  • 1. If you are using OBPM Enterprise STandalone then it means you do not need any J2EE Container. The Standalone OBPM Engine runs on a single JVM as a standalone java process. You will need through a backend Database so that the Engine can persist the state of instances flowing through deployed processes. In addition, you also need a database so that you can deploy the Directory Service that is created as part of the initial configuration wizard. So Oracle 10g would be fine. For your testing development purposes, you can even use Oracle 10g XE.
    2. With the Standalone Engine you do not need WebLogic and the wizard should not be asking for any specific WebLogic information. If it is, then you have downloaded Oracle BPM Enterprise for WebLogic instead of the Oracle BPM Enterprise STandalone package. The Oracle BPM Enterprise Standalone comes by default with an Embedded Tomcat container where you can specific what Web Applications you want to be deployed to it. This is configured through the Admin Center and by clicking on the Configuration bottom link and then select the right checkboxes in the second Tab. By default, the Process Administrator Web App is always enabled. The WorkSpace is optional but usually selected if you have business processes that have human centric steps. In the event that you are having some capacity problems with the Embedded Tomcat container, then you can generate using the Admin Center the WAR file for any of these Web Applications and deploy to another supported JSP/Servlet container. For a list of available and supported JSP/Servlet containers for OBPM 10gR3, check the interoperability Matrix available in the BPM OTN page.


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