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Can't seem to pass credentials using WSE 3.0 in VB .NET

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edited Sep 18, 2008 6:34PM in SOA Suite Discusssions
Has anyone ever connected a VB.NET class to WebLogic web service sitting behind an ALSB? We are able to connect to the web service, but keept getting "CredentialNotFoundException". The client said the only security being used ins Transport Level security and then Access Control for the web service. The company we are trying to connect to said they are using Transport Level security so they gave us a URL with https and then they gave us a username and password. They said we need to download their certificate, which we did, and install it locally, which we did. They said they are using "Access Control" for the web service. We've tried all manners of connecting using WSE3 installed on VS2005. We always get back the "CredentialNotFoundException" error.

We get the credential error only when we try to connect using WSE set for Username only.We received a printout from the ALSB which does indicate the same error, but we can't find much else anywhere. We've read through about 20 white papers on the bea site and feel we understand how to get this done, but are stuck on the credentials issue.

If we try to reference their certificate, which we installed locally, we get a "bad length" error. If we receive the "bad length" error, our call never makes it to the web service. I can post code if anyone wants to see it or any of the policy files if necessary.

We feel like we are almost there, but just can't seem to get past the security issues. Any help would be appreciated. We were hoping to have a happy interoperability experience, but not so far.

The are using:
- WebLogic v10.0sp0
- AquaLogic Service Bus v3.0sp0

Bill Gonzalez

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