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How to download a file uploaded in the portal admin console

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edited Sep 19, 2008 10:26AM in WebLogic Portal
Hi All ,

I have created a content using admin console.
It has a property called , "file", and it is of type "Binary".and its primary property

I need to have link in JSP , to download that file/content.
I am using <templates tag , but not able to download.

Could you pls suggest how to download a file uploaded to admin console

Thanks & Regards,


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    Check the WLP API
    Search for com.bea.content.manager.servlets.ShowBinaryServlet class and com.bea.content.manager.servlets.DownloadBinaryServlet class. You can use one of these depending on your requirment. I think there is not jsp tag for these classes so you have to use scriptlets.
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