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Incremental Cube Load Error: job slave process terminated

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edited Sep 19, 2008 2:51AM in OLAP

For performance reasons, we switched to Incremental Cube Loading i.e. only those partitions are autosolved whose data is made available.

Some times, the background submitted job terminates and the reason given in dba_scheduler_job_run_details is:

REASON="Job slave process was terminated"

There so no definits occurance pattren for this error.

The job submitted in background is killed.
The last entry the xml_load_log displayed is of Started Auto solving of a partition.

After this error occurs, we have to Full Aggregate the cube; which offcourse would autosolve all partitions.

We have been too much annoyed by this error as we did lot of package changes as part of a release to production to include Incremental cube loading, and once done, we see that incremental cube loading just terminates while autosolving a partitions.

Can any one assist please? Urgent?

thank you,


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