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Webcenter - Portlet customization migration


Oracle Webcenter Framework

I went through the WebCenter tutorials and created the MyTutorialApplication with a MyPage.jspx which consumes a simple JPS portlet.
I deployed the application on Pre-configured oc4j in Jdev and accessed the MyPage.jspx.
It work fine. I do my customization on the page by changing the title of the Portlet.
(Note that there is code in place which uses to save the preferences).

Now, I want to move the customizations done in this pre-configured server to another server (lets say - my
production server, which is an OAS server. This server currently is also running in the same machine).

I had created the generic EAR from pre-config env and ran the pre-deployment tool to create the targeted EAR.
I deployed the targeted ear on the production server.

Also, I ran the predeployment tool in the export mode to export the customizations from Pre-confg server into a customization ear.
Again , used the predeployment tool to import the customizations into the prod server.

And, finally, ran the Persistence Migration Tool to copy the preference store. I changed the web.xml of my application in the Prod server to use this preference store.

Even after doing all this, when I call the MyPage.jspx in the Prod server, I DO NOT see the customized portlet title.
Is there anything else that I need to do ?
Have I missed any step in between ?

When I try to print the pref using

PortletPreferences prefs = renderRequest.getPreferences();
str = prefs.getValues("portletContent",defstr);

the default "defstr" is returned , which basically means that the application is not able to find the preferences.

Am I missing something ?

Also, note that when I run my persistenceMigrationTool, I get WARNING messages as given below.

WARNING: FileCacheGroupLoader.addSavedItems() unable to instantiate persisted object with handle: WCP. Continuing to process remaining objects.
Sep 19, 2008 12:01:35 PM oracle.portlet.server.containerimpl.FileCacheGroupLoade
r addSavedItems
WARNING: FileCacheGroupLoader.addSavedItems() unable to instantiate persisted ob
ject with handle: WCP. Continuing to process remaining objects.
Read 43 data items from source store
Wrote 43 data items to destination store
Finished persistent store migration

Could this create a problem ?

Thanks in advance.

S.Srivatsa Sivan
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