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capturing errors when you run mappings.

vdanakon Member Posts: 1
edited Sep 20, 2008 9:38PM in Warehouse Builder
Hi all,
Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My questions are.

1. How do you run mappings using sqlplus and run these mappings as a Batch in windows.
2. How do i capture errors without stopping the batch process. If there are any errors it should write to the error table and go on.
3. I am not using any process flow So i need to now how to call all the mappings one by one and writing the errors to the error table.
4. Does warehouse builder has a built in error table to use. If so how do you use it and what is the table name.
5. If i have to schedule these mappings how do i do it.
6. what is the difference between oem_exec_template.sql and sql_exec_template.sql

I am using owb 10.2 version. Anyone out Please help me out. I really appreciate your help. If you have any sample code too that will help.


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  • ripley_2
    ripley_2 Member Posts: 50
    Check these two scripts: sqlplus_exec_background_template.sql and sqlplus_exec_template.sql
    They are in OWB_HOME\owb\rtp\sql

    About DML Error Logging check
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