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SOA FTP Adapter - nothing happens !!



  • I forgot to ask, did the put write to the directory you were expecting?

  • user9514124
    user9514124 Member Posts: 148
    yes the file got created in the right directory.

    JDEV version is, it would be interesting if the version mismatch makes that big of a deal. I will try using to see if that improves the situation.

    Thanks a lot for all your help so far.
  • I wouldn't be surprised at all.

    This was a major issue when was just release last year, many strange things were ocurring which didn't seem to make sense. The issue is that there were lost of improvements in compared to The java code you are developing against is for functionality that may not exist in

    If you look at JDev files you will see that you have the same jar files as the ones in SOA suite, so basically you are developing against the same code deployed as part of SOA suite.

  • user9514124
    user9514124 Member Posts: 148
    edited Sep 26, 2008 6:32PM
    more surprises...

    i created a simple get process just the partner link and a receive step...and it worked couple of times. then i added an assign step to map some element value out from the received xml document. Now it doesnt work. I went back and removed the newly added assign step, deployed it. Still it doesnt work.

    how hard can it be to get a file ?

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  • Kalidass
    Kalidass Member Posts: 108
    If I am in your position I would see the following.

    Enable logging and see the logs to find if the polling is taking place or not.

    If the polling is taking place, then check if to find any instances in BPEL.
    If can't find instances then it is sure issue with JNDI config or BPEL Adapter configuration.
    As you have already stated that both these match, I am inclined to say check for permission to read files from directory.
    Use the credentials configured in JNDI.
    possibly check the bpel.xml from the BPEL Console. Check if the directory names specified in there are matching expected values.

    If can find instances then that is some thing else in BPEL that is causing the issue.

    If polling is not taking place then it is issue with BPEL code polling configuration.

    Every Little Helps
    Kalidass Mookkaiah
  • Are you still using JDev against or are you now developing against the same versions. If you are still developing against different versions you will have alot of issues at run time which you will not be able to explain. This issue seems to fit in this category.

    I just want to understand what was done to get this working, it seems strange that is stops all of a sudden.

    I would recommend if possible to upgrade to at the least as is very old.

  • user9514124
    user9514124 Member Posts: 148
    ok, finally i got the answer...thank god i wasn't delusional. - has a bug, I upgraded to and it works fine there.
  • Maybe, but I think you will find it was the incompatibility of JDev and your SOA Suite. Your solution was the best option though, glad you are rocking now.

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