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Page Item causes requery of data

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edited Sep 24, 2008 6:38PM in Discoverer
Has anyone seen the following problem?

I have a worksheet with 1 or more page items. While building it in Disco Plus, each time I would select a different value from one of the page items the sheet would go blank. I would then have to requery the worksheet. Also, if I made a simple change to one of the items (i.e. Format Heading), the worksheet goes blank and then I must requery the data again. This is very time consuming and I'm not sure what setting needs to be modified in order to stop this from happening. I then logged into viewer, ran the query, selected a different value from one of the page items, rather than instantly refresh the worksheet, the data was requeried again. I know this because I was monitoring the session. This is very different from another worksheet. The other worksheet does not rerun the query each time you select a differen page item value, it simply presents the data.

Any thoughts or comments?



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