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JSF1.2, faclet and portlet bridge weblogic portal server 10.2

1. I have created a demo application Using JSF1.2, facelet and Rich components.
2. I created a portlet bridge of the above application and created a Portal ear file using Bea workspace studio 1.1 and deployed it in Weblogic Portal server 10.2
3. When I opened weblogic portal admin console I am able to see the portlet in Portal resource->Library->Portlets
4. But I am unable to see the same portlet in Bea workspace studio portal prospective of "design Palette->Available portlets".

Can anybody help me out how to get the portlet created using portlet bridge in portal prospective of "design Palette->Available portlets" ?

I have added all the required J2EE libraries in the weblogic workspace studio.

Thanks in advance.
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