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Discoverer Viewer Configuration File

help-required Member Posts: 74
edited Oct 1, 2008 12:38AM in Discoverer

There is a scenario where in, most of the users use Discoverer viewer reports from the same login ID, They do changes and save the Workbook. Now when a new user logins he see the changes saved by the previous user . Now we dont want to allow the users to save changes and want to change the config setting so that no user can do any changes.

As per my unerstanding, one way of doing so it by login to application server and Uncheck the preference check box and save the changes. Doing this the preference tab will not be visible to any user.

Want to know is there any other way by which preference tab can be Disabled but still can be seen on the right corner of the viewer page?

Or is there a way we can change the configuration setting in any of the config file of discoverer viewer so that users are not able to change the setting...

Discoverer version is 10g.

Thank You.


Anuj Malhotra


  • Hi Anuj
    Why not share the report(s) with another user account, which does not have the Save Workbooks to Database privilege, set up for the purpose? After you have done this you should change the password for the original account so that no-one can log in with it any more.

    It's very dangerous to allow users to log in as the owner of a workbook because not only can they make the changes you refer to but they can also delete the workbook should they know how to gain access to Plus, which in most cases is as simple as changing the word Viewer to Plus on the URL.

    Changing global preferences as you requested will lock out all those users who genuinely have the Save and Save As permissions which you probably don't want to do. Therefore, I think having a different, basically read-only account, is something you should try. It will make life easier for you as even if the users gain access to Plus they will still not be able to save.

    Best wishes
  • Hi Michael,

    The Scenario is like, most of the users use Viewer only to access reports.
    The main aim right now is to some how not allow users to change the settings whcih they change using the preference tab or presentation options.

    I checked it the config document of Discoverer viewer and found:

    The Steps to remove Preference tab or presentation options in Oracle Application Server Discoverer Configuration Guide
    10g (9.0.4) are as follows:

    1. Open the ui_config.xml file in a text editor or XML editor
    2. Locate the <appearance> tag in the file
    change the value of the display_preferences_link tag to false

    change the value of the display_presentation_options_link tag to false

    3. Save the ui_config.file

    But I didnt not find the steps to remove the preference tab or presentation option using Configuration.xml file in Oracle® Business Intelligence Discoverer Configuration Guide 10g Release 2 ( ).

    It was mentioned that to remove the presentation option in 10g version we need to login to Oracle Application server and uncheck the preference tab Option.

    Want to know is that the only way of removing presentation options or preference tab from 10g Version or something can be done from configuration.xml file also.


    Anuj Malhotra.
  • Hi Anuj
    The file you are looking for is called configuration.xml and can be found here: *$ORACLE_HOME\Discoverer\Config*

    In there you will see settings for both preferences and worksheetOptions as well as save, export and so on. All you need to do is edit this file and change the setting from true to false then restart the Discoverer server.

    Best wishes
  • Thanks alot for your help and support, Michael.


    Anuj Malhotra
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