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rolling forecast in HFM

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edited Sep 29, 2008 9:30PM in Financial Consolidation
Unlike Hyperion planning , HFM does not have 'Version' as a dimension. The process management in HFM considers only scenario, year, period , entity and value only.
Can anyone suggest how rolling forecast (with ability to maintain history versions without overriding it) can be handled in HFM? The projection by management is for the year on montly basis with actuals till date and projection for balance period (e.g for Jan - Dec year , projection submitted in Mar will have 2+10 - i.e 2 months actual and 10 months forecast, projection submitted in Apr will have 3+9 i.e 3 months actual and 9 month forecast..etc..)


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    That is more often known as projection. A "rolling" forecast would be a continuous 12 months ahead. This is just vocabulary, on to the problem.

    There are a couple of different ways to approach this. First, you have a scenario named Forecast and one named Actual. Each is loaded with it's proper data. In a report, you write logic to take actual data up to the displayed month, then add Forecast data for the remainder of the year. The logic is a bit tricky and will take some coding knowledge to make it work. This only allows Projection data in reports. Users of workspace and smart view will have to know how to do this also. Another option is to write the above logic into a rule that will populate a third scenario called Projection. Basically the rule would put Forecast data in all of the months, then overwrite the current and past months with Actual data.

    If you want to maintain history, I would create a new Scenario every month (Roll200801, Roll200802) and manually load it myself. Create a smart view pull that you can modify the months and scenarios pulled, pull actual up to current month, pull forecast till the end of the year, add it all up and load it. I would also have one scenario called RollCurrent that I would load to each month, then copy that data to a new scenario before the next month. This would allow you to use the current data in reports without rewriting them each month.
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