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OIM 91 & Weblogic8.1 - Install Downloads

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edited Oct 3, 2008 10:36PM in Identity Manager
Im sure someone will argue this is not the appropriate place to post this concern...

OIM documentation mentions Weblogic 8.1 as a supported configuration. I downloaded Weblogic 8.1 a couple weeks ago from the BEA (domain) site. I now need an installation for a different OS and wanted to download it, but it appears as if the BEA download page has been taken offline within the last week. It now forwards to downloads hosted by Oracle and does NOT have Weblogic 8.1 (only 9.2 & 10g). My concern is that you can download OIM, yet you cannot download the Weblogic version that OIM supports. I assume it was taken down because they wanted to deprecate WLS8.1, but I think there was some oversight in not considering the effects to OIM. I totally understand Oracle's intent but I also feel that they should make supported Oracle IdM "stacks" available for download. I'm not contending that somebody hasn't installed it on WLS 9.2+, but Im going by the OIM installation & supported configuration docs.

Better yet, please prove me wrong and post a Oracle hosted link to download WLS8.1 SP6 linux package install.
Google cached link shows that it was available as of 9/23 (last week) -

Any help is appreciated.


  • 623456
    623456 Member Posts: 136
    Would any of the Oracle folks care to comment?
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    Basically the supported platforms (JDK, app server versions, etc) for OIM are ancient it is a bit unclear why the certification people at Oracle are so slow. This is causing huge issues at basically every customer and is actually hurting sales. Hopefully someone important at Oracle will realize this soon and crack the whip a bit.

    Your best bet is probably to open an SR with priority two or higher and demand that Oracle support provides the download.

    If you are planning to install on a cluster be prepared that the install instructions will be a bit cryptic and you might run into stability issues.

    Good luck
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    Companies want to standardize on as few platforms as possible - especially for stacks provided by the same vendor. Although OIM (Xellerate) does not have a huge amount of resources (compared to most Oracle teams), it couldn't take more than a week to update installation scripts to support WLS 9.2 or 10 - especially since their professional services are doing that anyway. My hope is that they're focused on the anticipated Q1 09 release and that better support the latest app svr, jdk, and db revs. I worked with OIM 3 years ago and it was the exact same supported configurations then. I think WLS 8.1 is like 5-6 yrs old and jdk 1.4 is at least 5 yrs old.
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    edited Oct 3, 2008 5:07PM
    Check this link:

    Under 'Product Download Information', there is a link called Contact Support for prior releases of BEA software.

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    623456 Member Posts: 136
    Yep, did that 2 days ago and still waiting to get the file from the support in India.
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