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Entitlements and portal menu

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edited Oct 8, 2008 9:15AM in WebLogic Portal

we created an Entitlement based in a role that compares a Session
Property Set's property value to "someValue".

We applied that Entitlement to a book within the portal desktop and
checked the View capability.

A Pageflow portlet in the header of the shell sets "someValue" or
"someOtherValue" in the Http Session according to the drop-down
selection submitted by the user.

We expected that when "someOtherValue" is submitted and set in the
Http Session the book should not appear in the portal menu.

But the book gets hidden only after the next interaction with the
portal (a click in some menu item, a refresh in the browser etc).

- What is the moment when the Portal engine applies Entitlements to

- How to refresh the entitled resources collection (books and pages)
after setting some value in the Http Session?


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    Hello Eduardo,
    I am no expert in the portal lifecycle but I can see that the entitlements were evaluated and then the pageflow executed so it seems like a solution would be to send a redirect from your pageflow after you set the property that effects visitor entitlements:

    This use case is similar to logging in a user. After you authenticate a user you should always redirect back to the portal because who knows what is left over from evaluating entitlements before you authenticate them... the user could have been logged in as someone else prior to another login.
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    654914 Member Posts: 3

    In fact, sending a redirect was what we did to workarround the lack of knowledge about the internals of WebLogic Portal rendering engine and tree control traversing.

    We are still trying a way to re-apply entitlements inside pageflows and refresh the menu presentation context state without sending an additional request.

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