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EM Job Slow

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edited Oct 4, 2008 12:21PM in Scheduler
Hai to all,

I have two database one database name is A and another one is B, in our database A having one job, every day tonight (1pm) few tables move to database B and after move the table’s, the table was deleted in database A, in early time (2 month before), this job took time 20 minutes and now more than 7 hours.

I have written below my database detail’s…
1) Oracle 10gR2
2) Red hat linux 3
3) all user managed tablespace is auto managed
4) While job running database A cpu goes to 100%
5) Last 6 months, No modification for parameter file
6) This job I have put on EM

Pls give me ur idea and where I want to check?


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