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"Chart server does not responding" ISSUE

Hi all,
i am getting an error while i am working with pivot chart...
My criterial is like.. in section of pivot there is one column which has large no. of values, for that column, view has to generate the charts based on other dimensions & measures. When i prompted the values for this report, it's able to retrieve some of values in form of chart... but at the end of the last chart it's able to retrieve an error is displaying saying that... "chart server does not appear to be responding in a timely fashion. It may be under heavy load or unavailable." and it's Error Code: "U7MC9ME".
I just want to know what is happening... in this case...
as per my knowlege this is happening due to heavy data... eventhuough my config file was changed to persist max. no of rows, still i am getting the same error
So i need your help in this....

Thanks a lot.


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