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Is It Possible To Start a Process Flow on Receipt of an Email?

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edited Oct 7, 2008 11:08AM in Warehouse Builder

Does anyone know if you can trigger the start of a process flow once an email has been received?

thanks ...


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    how should this could happens? The email lies on the mail server and waits for the recipient - and nothing more will happen. How should the Database server should notice this?

  • unless the email updates a flag in the table and the process flow pools for the value in the table every xxxseconds and executes mapping runs if the flag is set to whatever value....long shot..but dont understand the benefits and the logic behind having such a design
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    659170 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the suggestion - I might do something similar.

    Basically we want to be able to trigger the beginning of a load when an email (containing data) is received.

    Thanks again...
  • alternatively what you can done is:
    If you are using unix/linux OS then:

    create an SMTP service on unix/linux
    have the email coming into unix/linux
    write a unix shell scrpt to read he mails on a regular basis
    if the email is existing create a "touch file" referred as flag file
    use the OWB to check if the flat file exists on unix as owb can communicate with unix/linux
    and then run the process flow which has the mappings

    If you are using Windows OS then:
    have a program which will extract the mail from your local mailbox onto a server, there are few softwares available in the market
    use the option of writing it into a table or follow the flag file approach stated above.
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