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Setting the usesGetMethod in PortletDescription

user3446577 Member Posts: 1
edited Oct 10, 2008 10:01AM in WebLogic Portal

I'm trying out WSRP with the following setup:

Box 1: WLPortal 10.2 hosting a JSF-portlet acting as a WSRP producer.

Box 2: JBoss portal 2.7, WSRP consumer of the JSF-portlet on Box 1.

My problem is that JBoss refuses dealing with producers that have the "usesMethodGet=true" set, which portlets deployed on WLPortal have by default (even though the WSRP spec states the opposite).

How can I alter the usesMethodGet parameter? I've found the parameter in the IPortletDescription interface where it is only possible to read the value.



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    648832 Member Posts: 88
    In WEB-INF/wsrp-producer-config.xml, in the service-description element (under the service-config element), you can set the supports-method-get attribute to "false".

    <service-description secure="false" supports-method-get="false"/>

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