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WebLogic vs Aqualogic

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edited Oct 13, 2008 1:26PM in WebLogic Portal
Hi All... I reallize I'm in a WebLogic forum so I'd expect a certain amount of favortism, but does anyone have any thoughts as to key differences between WebLogic and Aqualogic? Does the "portal community" favor either one?

I haven't been able to find an Aqualogic forum here at the Oracle site - perhaps I've just answered my own question... I find it interesting that not only is there a WebLogic forum here, but also that Oracle has recently released their first version of WebLogic since the acquisition. Has Oracle stated any strategy with respect to WebLogic and Aqualogic?

Thanks for your thoughts. -- Curt


  • Asif M. Naqvi
    Asif M. Naqvi Member Posts: 785 Silver Badge

    There is a forum in Oracle Forums called WebCenter Interaction which holds discussions on Aqua Logic User Interaction and it is as old as the Weblogic Forum on oracle forums. WebCenter Interaction is the new name for the BEA's Aqua Logic Interaction, after acquisition.

    Regarding the future direction or strategy for these and many other Middleware products, please check the following link and hear various different podcasts about Application Server or Enterprise 2.0 or read related documents.

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    Here is a link to the Oracle WebLogic Portal Statement of Direction:
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