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Interactive Reporting Text and Comment Integration

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edited Oct 15, 2008 3:48PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting
We are exploring the use of Interactive Reporting (but are open to other suggestions). One business request has been the ability to include text comments or other text-based information on the reports. The underlying numerical data is from Essbase.

I imagine this would be done with a relational database in addition to Essbase. Has anyone done this, or does anyone have a general plan of attack on how to carry out the inclusion of text-based info in IR? Are there better solutions (assuming the underlying data must be Essbase)?


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    Do you want to implement some workflow or LRO in IR?
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    I would suggest to use Smart View,if its feasible. In this way you will be able to use LRO (feature of Essbase) where you can add your textual peace of information very easily.

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    Could you elaborate on Linked Reporting Objects a bit? I'm not sure that they'd be as versatile as what we're looking for.

    Ideally what we would like, is have it possible for a select group of people (Say execs or team leads) to be able to input a comment about a variance or figure, and have it stored so that when other Execs view the report, they can see the commentary about a particular figure. At a minimum, the top-level execs want to see the comments (though they may not need to add or change the comments).

    The executive group wants more of a dashboard style mechanism to do this, rather than building retrieves and knowing member names and combinations from Excel.
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    One option that will take a bit of work is to create a table on your database that you can use to store comments.

    From a highlevel you will need the following...

    a table with at least 2 columns
    - one for referencing comments to document
    - one for comments
    (more columns for additional features - updated by, updated date/time)

    A Query Section that queries this table with a filter to get comments for referenced document

    A dashboard with at least
    - Text Area for comments to collected
    - a button to collect the text and build an Insert or Update SQL Statement and issue ActiveDocument.SendSQL() on the OCE that you used for the Query Section above.

    You will need to do some data quality checks before inserting into your database to make sure no invalid characters are part of the string - such as " or '

    Then in the Report Section you could pull the comments into the Report Footer

    A bit of work, but possible.

    Wayne Van Sluys
    TopDown Consulting
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