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Please help- How can I publish an object with irregular getter/setter metho

I'm encountering a problem with weblogic 9.2 web service. Here it is the description:

I have a java class which doesn't expose getter/setter method, Like this:

public class MyEntityList
implements Cloneable, Serializable
private Map subEntityMap;
public final Object[] toArray()
return subEntityMap.values().toArray();

public final Iterator subEntities()
return subEntityMap.values().iterator();
public final GFIBaseSubEntity getSubEntityByKey(String key)
if(key == null)
return null;
return (GFIBaseSubEntity)subEntityMap.get(key);
public final void setSubEntity(GFIBaseSubEntity entity)
subEntityMap.put(entity.getKey(), entity);


When I publish this object out, the web service engine will not parse the value in this object for it hasn't getter methods. But I do need the value in it, and I can't change the class for it's from external system. Can I define my own serializer class to process the MyEntityListin weblogic 9 or 10? Or is there any way to process this case?

Thanks in advance
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