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Prompt - Go button always refresh when clicked


when I don't change the criteria inside the prompt fields and click on the go button, it don't do nothing... I need that when i click on the button, the table and his data be always refreshed! Is anyway to do this?

Thank you all!


  • David_T
    David_T Member Posts: 2,432
    edited Oct 15, 2008 9:51PM
    What do you mean by "it don't do nothing" (which is a double negative by the way, and actually means it does something)? Is the prompt set to a presentation variable? Is your report set to receive the PV in a filter? You need to be more specific if you expect help. We are not mind readers and you do not provide enough information to attempt a reason why your prompt/report is not behaving as expected.
  • 632157
    632157 Member Posts: 12
    My dashboard prompt has two fields to be choosen, the first one is the day and the second one is a product list. The problem is, when I choose the day and the product that I want to see and click the first time in the go button, the prompt execute the query and I see the expected results. But, if I want to execute the same query 5 minutes after, I don't need to change the fields values, I click in the go button and is no change in the data... the data in the DM is refreshed every 5 minutes. The report is prepared to receive the value of the prompt PV. Is any parameter to configure the go button behavior?

  • 632157
    632157 Member Posts: 12
    Problem Solved, go to the advance tab and check the "Ignore Internet Cache of Siebel Analytics"

    Thank you anyway!
  • Christian Berg-0racle
    Christian Berg-0racle Everything Analytics And Data Member Posts: 9,730 Gold Crown do know that there's a nice "Refresh" button on the bottom of each dashboard? Nice blue one with green arrows. Also, there's the option to have the "Refresh" link displayed for every request in the dashboard ("Report Links"...).

    Refresh and prompt are two completely different things!
  • 632157
    632157 Member Posts: 12
    My problem is that dummy users don't know the difference between the "Go Button" and "Refresh Button", to them is the same thing, but the behavior is completely different... I need the cache ON for some reports but for this one I don't...

    Thank you...
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