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Integrationg Search - IDOL Server Doubt

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edited Oct 19, 2008 6:33AM in WebLogic Portal
Hi All ,

I am using weblogic portal 10.2 and MySQL 5.0.

I am trying to Integrate search to my application.
From the documentation provided I came to know that , IDOL should be installed to integrate search feature.

But I came to know that , IDOL came with weblogic installation only at the following location.


And if , I am trying to start IDOL ,by clicking AutonomyIDOLServer.exe , its not at all starting.

Can you please suggest me wht might be the problem? , and I verified logs in the above mentioned folder.
No logs are updated , after clicking above exe .

Do we need to set any environement to IDOL?

Do we need to download and install? If so pls suggest me where can I download?

Thanks & Regards,


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    Hi Srinivas,

    take a look at [Starting the Autonomy Services|] on edocs. The document explains how to start Autonomy service on your machine. Note that the start/stop script is typically called from startweblogic.cmd with the CONTENT_SEARCH_OPTION set to none/minimal/full as appropriate.

    I'm assuming you're running on Windows? There is sometimes a bit of juggling with shared libraries on *nix platforms.

    Best regards,
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    Hi Pellinen,

    Thanks for your reply...
    I will implement this and let u know if still its giving problem.

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