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Registered Producer not showing up in component Palette

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edited Oct 27, 2008 4:03AM in WebCenter Portal
I downloaded Jdeveloper and was trying to create a simple hello world application. The problem I have is that when I register a producer, it does not show up on the component palette.

Following are the steps I did:

1. Installed the pre-configured Oc4j
2. Created a Project with webcenter template
3. In the project, I registered the omniportlet portlet with as a PDK producer: that was successful
4. then I created a JSPX file
5. This is where I am supposed to be able to drag the omniportlet producer onto my jspx file and deploy it. But I do not see the producer showing up on the component palette

I am not sure what step I am doing wrong. The preconfigured webcenter OC4j is working fine. however I am totally lost here. I looked at the documentation troubleshooing. It talks about making sure the host:port is correct. I am pretty sure they are for the producer.

Can anyone please shed some light in this. I have been trying for five days and am stuck.

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  • Hi user,

    I have seen this happen in the case that the registration was not done while a project was selected, another project was selected, or the workspace was selected. In that case, you can try to unregister the provider, select your project, and register again.

    What also can be the case, is that you need to add the portlet tag libraries to your project. Open your project properties, select the tag libraries node, and add the portlet tag library and see if that solved the issue.


    Jeroen van Veldhuizen
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