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group / parallel vote problem. please advise!

I'm trying to implement a group vote for a document review process.

This is how it should work:
A user send a file to a workflow (from ocs), the file properties are read in a bpel process and a human task is initiated in order to select the approvers for the next human task (it is a simple routing operation). After the first human task is complete, the second one fires and each of the selected reviewers should have ("at the same time") a notification in worklist application.

The first human workflow is configured so that the approver will route the task to other employees and in task:approvers i'll have the names of the persons that should receive the task at the next step (parallel approval). The second human task gets its approvers by calling a variable that contains the names selected in the first one.

It works fine if I use sequencial vote, but i need to use parallel.

First task is configured to "allow ad-hoc routing" and "invite other participants".
Second task is configures to "include task history from first task (same payload)".

If I configure the second task to use "group vote", the process compiles fine, deploys and initiates without problems. When I'm in the first task and select to route it, it says ok but nothing appears in the inbox of the approvers for the second task; i;m not getting any visible error, and in bpel process manager the process is expecting an answer form the taskservice for the first task (!!!).

So what could be the problem? Why isn't taskservice sending an answer to the bpel process so that it will continue its flow?

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