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FDM Migration Questions.

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edited Oct 29, 2008 5:03PM in Financial Data Management

We are in the process of upgrading to System and I have some questions regarding FDM that I could use some assistance on. Currently In our HFM version 4.02 application we use HAL and Translation Manager to collect, transform and load our global Financials into HFM. Does FDM Support the following?

1. Does FDM provide mapping Tables (Like Translation Manager) that can be maintained by the Financial end user through a Web GUI?
2. Does FDM have the ability to create FULL ETL proceses that use mapping tables and load data directly into HFM?
3. Does FDM have the same funcitonality as EPMA for Synchronizing metadata and data within the HFM with Planning applications?

Any insight would greatly be appreciated.



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