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FDM Data Load format

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edited Oct 29, 2008 12:36PM in Financial Data Management
Hi All,

I am new to FDM. I have some clarifications in the FDM data load format.

Please let me know,
1) what is the difference in the below two formats ?
2) How to ignore the first 7 rows while loading into FDM (in format1) ?
3) Does the character '!' means comment - FDM will ignore that ?
4) Can we automate data load in FDM ?

Format1: (.txt format)

Format2 (.txt format)



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    Both formats will perform the same. Format 2 is the normal method for loading data. Format 1 is telling FDM to set those 5 dimensions to those values for all following records.

    You cannot ignore the first 7 rows of Format 1 or the system will not know what you are loading. Actually, the system would default to Format 2 and read you data into those dimensions.

    The ! means that the following line is for system reference only.

    Yes. The system supports vb script and I believe there is a published API.
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