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Table name...

Hi All,

This is with regarding to Oracle Replication. I want to know the table name of the following scenario.

In OEM, when we click on Advanced Replication --> Administration and we get a window in the right panel which contains some tabs like Topology, Errors etc...

When we click on "Errors" tab we get all the def errors listed. When an error from the list is selected and "Details..." button which is present below is clicked it pops up another window named "Error Calls" which gives all the details of that def error like what was the value for the query. For example if there is a unique key constraint violation error, in "Details..." window we will get all the values in a field called "New Val" which caused the unique key violation errors.

If somebody tell me which table to query to get all the "New Val" values (records) which caused the def errors. I have 1000 def errors and it is difficult to select each def error and go to the "Detail..." window and get the value. Rather a table where "Details..." window queries to get the values.

Please note that I am not looking for deferror table. I am looking for that particular table where all the records which caused the def errors have been stored.

Hope this explains the problem.

Thanks in advance.

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