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wlp81sp6 upgrade

user9503787 Member Posts: 162
edited Nov 11, 2008 10:38AM in WebLogic Portal
When I browse the Upgrade to Service Pack 6 instruction, I don't see the step for upgrade the portal framework data. Is it a missing piece or there isn't a need to do?


  • 663697
    663697 Member Posts: 108
    Those wizard pages will only display if your 8.1.6 .work file references projects which contain portal functionality. It does this by looking for a:
    <ul><li>prefs.jar or wps.jar in the root of the 8.1.6 application folder (for the resulting ear project)</li>
    <li>netuix_servlet.jar, wsrp-producer.jar, or cat_taglib.jar in the WEB-INF/lib folder of a web project</li>
    <li>a Datasync project (as specified by the "urn:com-bea-ide:project.type:Datasync" project type in the .work file) and the corresponding META-INF/data folder in the application
    You can look in the upgrade log and/or the Eclipse Error Log (use the Window|Show View|Other... menu item, then select Error Log under the PDE Runtime category) to see any errors occurred while Workshop was importing the 8.1.6 application.

  • user9503787
    user9503787 Member Posts: 162
    edited Nov 10, 2008 4:16PM
    I am actually upgrading to 816 and looking at this And compared with
  • 663697
    663697 Member Posts: 108
    Sorry, my mistake. I misread your question.

    I'm not as familiar with the upgrade between service packs, but not every new service pack is going to include changes to the WLP database schemas or data, which might account for sp6 not requiring running any database upgrade scripts.

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