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Cannot add any portal, pages, portlet to my portal project

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edited Nov 13, 2008 8:07PM in WebLogic Portal
Hi everyone,

I've created a portal project in workshop 10.3. The targeted framework is BEA WebLogic Server 10.0.
When I try to add a new Portal, Portlet, Page or any other portal related components, it says "*The project "MyPortal" is not a valid portal project.*"

The project deployed with portal files running correctly. Is there configuration files that I've missed to set so that workshop doesn't think the project is a portal project? Could someone give me a hand on it? Thank you very much!

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    did you create both PortalEAR and Portal Web projects as described in Setting up Your Portal Development Environment? You need at least those two and typically also a DataSync project. Once you have those three projects set up you can start building a .portal file in the Portal web project under WebContent.

  • 667348
    667348 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply, Petri.

    Yes, DataSync, EAR projects were added before adding the portal project.
    Then I've import/copy over some of the existing files from an existing portal into the projects. I've also modified web.xml, weblogic.xml, weblogic-application.xml and other related configuration files to make it fit the previous environment. The previous portal project was developed in Workshop 10.0, we're trying to see if we can use Workshop 10.3 to continue on the development and remain the target environment as 10.0.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that WebLogic Portal projects from a previous version of WLP should be upgraded to the latest version of WLP for them to work correctly in the newer Workshop . The general approach for this is either 1) open the old workspace in the new Workshop or 2) open a new workspace in the new Workshop and File|Import|Existing Projects on the old projects. In either case, Workshop should prompt for the projects to be upgraded. If you cancel out of that dialog (or it doesn't show for some reason), the projects will not work correctly in the new Workshop (e.g. Workshop not recognizing the projects as valid WLP projects).

    Similarly, it's only supported to deploy upgraded projects to a server of the latest version, either a new or an upgraded domain.

    This is different than projects which do not contain WLP functionality. Those can be still be used at their old version and deployed to an older version server.

    There's some documentation around this at []

    Additionally, a Datasync project is not required to use most portal framework functionality (i.e. .portals, books, pages, etc.); it is required for campaigns, contentselectors, user segments, property sets, rules, and events.

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    667348 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Greg!

    Does this mean it's not a good practice to upgrade workshop without upgrading server? The current portal (developed) in 10.0 takes 45 minutes to compile (even having all validators turned off). After porting to Workshop 10.3, it only takes 5 minutes to compile. However, upgrading the server is kind of costly while it has all the weblogic/aqualogic system attached. I don't think Workshop 10.3 works even with the latest version of OSE at the moment. This is the reason why we've made a project in Workshop 10.3 that build to Server 10.0. I really wish there can be ways to add portal components given the above configuration.
  • Jack,

    For you compilation performance issues on WLW 10, there is a patch that can make a huge improvement. I think you'll need to be on 10.0.1 (maintenance pack 1) and then ask Oracle Support for the passcode to patch # 6XYT. You'll need to use Smart Update to download the patch to Workshop.
    Brad Posner-Oracle
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    663697 Member Posts: 108
    Unfortunately, it is required for the version of workshop, WLP server, and the WLP workshop projects to be in sync for everything to work correctly.

  • Hi Jack,

    You typically get this error when your WLP web project doesn't have the standard WLP web-proejct facets. Right-click your project, select properties, and have a look under the "project facets" category. You'll probably find it is listed as "custom". Try selecting WLP and see what happens.

    Hope this helps,

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