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Oracle BEA WLP 10g3 or 10.2

user1549937 Member Posts: 25
edited Nov 14, 2008 8:25AM in WebLogic Portal

I'm trying to figure out which version of WLP is best suited for our client. From the product documentation what I could get is that nothing much has changed between 10.2 and 10g3.

1. Is the upgrade process any easier in 10.3 than 10.2 or are the upgrade scripts essentially the same?
2. Do you know of any major defects that appear in 10.3 that did not appear in 10.2?
3. Are there any major defects that exist in 10.2 that are fixed in 10.3?

Also is it possible to develop using Weblogic Wokshop 10g3 and deploy on 10.2 portal/application server?



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    663697 Member Posts: 108
    Chris -

    The main differences between WLP 10.2 and 10g3 (a.k.a. 10.3) are that 10.3 uses WLS 10g3 and JDK6 and has the Oracle branding; 10.2 uses WLS 10.0 and JDK5 and has the old BEA branding. WLS 10g3 has a number of features over 10.0, as does JDK6 over JDK5.

    To your other questions:
    1. The 10g3 upgrade process is the same.
    2. The release notes lists the known limitations: [].
    3. The release notes also lists the limitations fixed: [] (not too many listed, although I remember fixing more than one bug).

    Lastly, it is not supported to develop with WLP in Workshop 10g3 and deploy on a 10.2 server. It is possible to develop in 10.2 and upgrade your projects to 10g3 by opening them in Workshop 10g3 ([]).

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