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Worksheet content being overwritten by another worksheet from same workbook

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edited Nov 21, 2008 9:16AM in Discoverer
Has anyone else experienced this issue in Plus and Viewer.

On a handful of occasions now I have had the data content part of a worksheet overwritten with that from another worksheet within the same workbook. The title, text area and worksheet descriptions stay the same, but the items selected in my crosstab, the conditions used, calcs used are replaced with those used a different worksheet. The worksheets are all using items from the same folders in the EUL, but each one selects slightly different columns from the others and each has a couple of specific conditions.

This happened today when I switched from one worksheet to another in Plus, then back to the original sheet. The original sheet data content was overwritten by the content from the worksheet I had switched to!!

The worksheet is only being accessed via Plus and Viewer, not Desktop and the version is


  • Russ Proudman
    Russ Proudman Member Posts: 2,079
    That sounds ugly!

    I haven't seen that problem but it reminds me of how the columns in a worksheet got out of synch with the data grid area quite easily in previous Plus versions and the culprit I thought was the Java initiator.

    I would suggest this, but then if it's also happening in Viewer? ...

    Not trying to pass the buck, but maybe check metalink for a reported 'feature' as it could well have happened to someone before.

  • 10028
    10028 Member Posts: 99

    I'm with Russ. This sounds ugly and I've never seen it before. However, there is another interesting thing that happened to someone else in 9.0.4 version recently where the workbook was owned by one owner, shared to another, a modification made to the workbook by the shared to userid. The original workbook accepted the change. It sounds like this was caused by IDENTIFIER issues. Could it be possible, (improbable I think), that the IDENTIFIER on each worksheet is the same? I don't know how this could happen but I bet a million dollars once (that I don't have) that the workbook situation couldn't happen. To check this, right click on each worksheet name and checkout the IDENTIFIER. I also think you should log a SR. It would be nice if you would post the resolution here once one is found.

    The workbook issue has been logged as bug 7565438 . (problem identified by stephen lee)

    Thanks for sharing an interesting issue!
  • 444303
    444303 Member Posts: 32
    Something similar just happened to me. I first tought that someone tempered with the workbook (we use a «common developper» id).

    But after making sure nobody changed the sheet and reading this thread, I'm pretty sure that's what occured. The description made is exactly what I noticed before rearranging the sheet.
  • Michael Armstrong-Smith
    Michael Armstrong-Smith Member Posts: 4,403
    edited Nov 18, 2008 3:09PM
    Yes this is messy. However, I have to ask why you are still on That is the initial release version is known to very buggy. You really ought to upgrade to and apply the most recent cumulative patch. I'm not sure whether this fixes the problem you are seeing but you will have more luck from Oracle getting this fixed if it can be proven to still exist on the most recent release. This link on my blog will help with release numbers and patches:

    I keep that entry up to date by rechecking from Oracle weekly so if you bookmark that link it will always have the most current information. As of CP8 Oracle have fixed almost 330 bugs when compared with the release you are on.

    Best wishes
  • 317243
    317243 Member Posts: 499
    Jon - we've experienced that exact same behavior using Plus on multiple occasions. We never were able to get anywhere with Support because we couldn't reproduce at will.
  • jh*110094*le
    jh*110094*le Member Posts: 122

    One of our developers has experienced this issue. We are, CP3. I believe that we also experienced this issue with CP8, which we had to roll back because of a bug with Viewer 'Save' breaking our managed links, but it is too difficult to be sure, since we had to switch back and forth so many times. The issue is not consistent. The developer recreated the workbook and has not encountered the issue again. I hope that you will work with Oracle Support in the hopes that we can get a fix. But I know that can be a chore.

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