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MapViewer blank map issue

saba2 Member Posts: 45
edited Nov 14, 2008 6:10AM in MapViewer
This is for MapViewer Java API, using tile cache - and it's a hard to reproduce problem

In our application sometimes the map will return blank with no layers. In the logs I'll see that the layers got queried and styles got applied and no apparent errors, but the returned image is blank with only the background color applied.

When this happens just panning around /refreshing will cause the map to be rendered correctly, with minimal wait, as if the cached image was already there created from the previous map request.

Has anyone seen this before ?

Is there something I should be looking for in the logs that could shed some light on the cause of the problem ?



  • Hi User635830,

    firstly I like you "to out yourself" by going to "Your Control Panel" (upper right) --> Your Settings [edit] and edit your "user635830" and insert your name ! Thanks !

    Secondly for ur blank map issue I recommend to check the "Java Heap Size" settings, i.e. how much memory is assigned to your Mapviewer Java Application.

    Pls see [an explanation how |] in my BLOG.

    Hope that solved the problem.

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