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Automate Schedule worksheets to be sent via email



  • 670384
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    Thanks Michael. I will work on it.
  • Russ Proudman
    Russ Proudman Member Posts: 2,079
    edited Nov 18, 2008 3:41PM
    Since you mentined Plus, it's not at all unusual to just use Plus's built-in scheduler, run reports nightly, etc. and have users (ie: a responsibilty) who use Viewer and are set to only see scheduled reports.

    I know it's not emailed, but this way a user (or group of users) who only see pre-run, scheduled jobs come on in the morning, see the results and that's it.

    To be honest the Plus scheduler, etc. is much more slick than the old tried and true - and not aging particularly well IMO of using Disco Desktop, batch files, 3rd party tools, and a dedicated Desktop PC/server, etc.

  • 670384
    670384 Member Posts: 33
    This client I m working on has only Discoverer Plus and not the viewers. All the prod EULs are in Plus and do you guys think it is easy to install discoverer viewer and schedule the reports along with Plus?

    Dont know whether its a good idea using PLus and Viewer? Or can we?

    Please suggest as this is the first time I m dealing with Discoverer. Appreciate your help guys.
  • Russ Proudman
    Russ Proudman Member Posts: 2,079

    Disco Plus and Disco Viewer go hand in hand.

    In fact if you do a search on this forum you'll see some of us have similar concepts of the 'mix' of each type of user you should have and for my part, I'm happy with about 90 - 95% Viewer and 5 - 10% Plus.

    There's lots of justifcation for this that again you can see on this forum but basically:

    1. Viewer takes way less memory and bandwidth of Plus
    2. Plus is pretty and looks pretty much like Desktop so the trick is to start with Viewer to most end users. Taking it away is always harder than never giving it to them in the first place. In your case, you'd have to tread softly if some going to Viewer.
    3. Most users do not create reports - well I sure hope so at your clients. If you can have about 5 report writers for the 95 Viewer people then that's good - so again, if they're just running Viewer then most just need that.
    4. Viewer has an email send option and Plus doesn't - so can push this.
    5. Like I mentioned in the last posting, as many users just run pre-run reports, having Viewer and only seeing scheduled reports is good. Others can run Viewer and just run pre-wrtten reports.
    6. If worst comes to worst, you can set your privs so the majority of end users can't do anything in Plus but run those pre-written reports. This is a good option when people just won't go to Viewer but they don't need to create anything.

    But you really shouldn't have ANY problems in getting Viewer going. In fact, I bet if you get the URL from the guy who set it up, there's a very good chance it's already there but no one's using it cause they don't know it.

  • 670384
    670384 Member Posts: 33
    Unfortunately, the guy who was responsible has resigned and no one knows anything about it. Not sure whom to contact or where to find if this system has Viewer installed.

    I need to know if we do have viewer does it use the same EUL database as that of Plus? and what are the questions I need to ask the DBA to my solution?

  • Russ Proudman
    Russ Proudman Member Posts: 2,079
    edited Nov 18, 2008 4:44PM

    Here's a real world example (well ... replaced of course) of the 2 locations of the products:

    plus -
    viewer -

    Pretty close huh?

    You can look in the documentation for both products online at technet to see the generic starting place and it's pretty darn close.

    But if it's there and you / users know Disco Plus then you'll know viewer 99.9458% as well.

    Both products are maintained in the EUL(s) by the Disco Administrator.
    If you're maintaining Plus now in the EUL, then you're also automatically maintaining Viewer.
    Both products use all the EUL goodies (privs, security, business areas, folders, items, drill-down, hierarchies, etc ad nauseum).
    Both products show the same workbooks / worksheets that have been saved in the database.
    Viewer uses HTML - so looks more like a static web page.
    Plus uses XML - so looks more like dynamic Desktop.

    So I absolutely, guarantee, 100% certify (you betcha') that if viewer is installed - and I'm still putting my 5 cent bet on it, that it is - then just bring it up, make sure the Tools -> Connection settings are set just like in Plus ... and "Bob's Your Uncle!", it'll work.

    The only real thing to ask is the URL to get it started ...

  • User_K0SRY
    User_K0SRY Member Posts: 7 Employee
    Hi Michael,

    Discoverer and higher IS certified with EBS 11i/12. Details are in Metalink notes 313418.1 & 373634.1.
  • Michael Armstrong-Smith
    Michael Armstrong-Smith Member Posts: 4,403
    edited Nov 19, 2008 12:56PM
    That is great news. This must have happened recently because it certainly was not certified a month or so ago. I will check out those notes and make the appropriate changes on my blog.

    Thanks for letting me know. This is really appreciated.


    As I suspected. Those documents were only updated with certification two weeks ago. I've noted what they have said and, as I say, I'll update my blog. I'll also go back and edit the posting in this thread.

    Edited by: [email protected] on Nov 19, 2008 9:55 AM
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