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One folder under many users, they only see their docs.

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Is is possible to create one folder that many users can use. But the clencher is that each user may only see their documents. I can write an script that will login to each user, seperately and create this folder many times, but I would like to avoid this due to the many duplicated folder objects. Mabey this is not an issue?

Here is how the folder structure should look like to a user.

--------reportsfolder - same folder

--------reportsfolder - same folder

I have been bending my brain on this one. Any suggestions?


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171
    Via the API or WebUI you could link the folder into each person's home directory. This means that there is one folder which is referenced from each users home directory. I think that they will only be able to see the documents that they have discover access rights on
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