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HFM Web Sever Configuration--Keep Alive and Session Time Out Optimal Config

We recently implemented an HFM 9.3.1 environment. We are using Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 servers with IIS6. We have two HFM Web servers connecting to an application cluster with two application servers in the cluster. We were getting some errors when trying to unlock HFM cells in Workspace, but we were able to perform the functions fine on the application using the WIN32 client.

I opened a ticket with support and they recommended modifying the file located in %HYPERION_HOME%\deployments\WebLogic9\servers\Workspace\webapps\workspace\conf. They recommended changing the following settings:


From what I understand, these settings are for the communication between the HFM Web Servers and the application cluster servers. I'm wondering how changing these settings may affect our environment. Are there negative effects and/or trade-offs for changing these settings? Is there a recommended threshold or maximum value?
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