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Cannot Create a new ALSB Configuration Project in Work-Space Studio!?!

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edited Nov 24, 2008 7:00AM in SOA Suite Discusssions
Hi friends,

I am using BEA WorkSpace Studio version 1.1 which gets automatically installed with ALSB 3.0

To get started with the ALSB project development, I try creating a new ALSB Configuration Project

But I am getting a pop-up that says-

{color:#339966}+"The selected wizard could not be started"+
With the ONLY details_ being displayed as below:


**I really have NO clue as to why this might be happening...!! :-(

Can anybody out there please Help me here by giving me some suggestions or clues as to WHY this may be happening & what I can try...???

Would be very grateful to you indeed...!

Thanks a LOT in advance...!! :)



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    569279 Member Posts: 58
    edited Nov 24, 2008 7:00AM
    Hi Dear friends...

    I think I have Solved it at-last...(after facing the same problem on my Windows VISTA powered laptop too, suspecting so many things) !!

    The culprit or problem{color:#008080} +( i still dont know WHY it happens, perhaps due to some hard-coding internally..?)+{color} disappeared when i --
    <ul><li>Re-installed, the whole thing, with ONE important thing in mind...</li>
    <li>{color:#ff0000}NOT changing ANY of the default values..!! :){color}</li>
    {color:#ff0000}{color}I used to change them earlier from say: c:\bea\alsb_3.0 to just c:\bea\alsb *{ *+I think the tool was *"expecting" *ONLY those names internally..?!+ *+}+*

    Anyway, I hope this info. helps someone else who might get trapped into this mysterious & stubborn error, that is SO hard to debug.. *:)*

    Cheers..!!!! :)+

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