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edited Nov 24, 2008 3:55AM in Financial Consolidation
Hi friends

Does anybody can tell me, why the ICP elimination will be done, and what are the main differances between window client and web client plz i m waiting for u r reply asap.


  • KostasN.
    KostasN. Member Posts: 547 Silver Badge
    ICP Elimination in HFM is the process of automatically eliminating intercompany partner balances and transactions during the consolidation process. This is a requirement imposed by the financial accounting consolidation rules. For example receivables from an intercompany partner are not recognised as group receivables etc.

    As for the HFM clients, the Windows client is meant for the designer, you can create and manage dimensions and business rules through it. Normally, the end user will not use this tool. The Web client, is the tool that the designer will use for customizing documents (Web Grids, Forms etc), but it is also the tool which the end user uses to perform data entry, calculation and consolidation tasks.
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