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creating custom layout with header, footer, left pane, and body pane

We are developing a portal application for Weblogic Portal 10.2. In production environment the same application needs to be deployed on 10.3. Our requirement is to layout the screens into four sections-: Header, Footer, Left Pane and Body. The left Pane needs to have three sub section-: Hierarchical Menu, and two other sections.Each of these three sub sections within the left pane needs to have its own scrollbars. The navigation in the application will be done through the Hierarchical Menu on the left pane. This menu is in the form of tree structure that is only one level deep. The menus are permission dependent which comes from the application database table. Currently we have JSPs for the menu page and two other pages that forms the part of the left pane. We have included these JSPs in all other JSPs so that the left pane appears on all screens but we don't want to do it this. We want to include these pages at a global(Portal) level so that it does not need to be included in all other JSPs. Please let me know how this can be accomplished. Also, is the process of laying out the portlets different in 10.2 vs. 10.3?
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