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Unable to Host HFM from Web Separately

Raj -
Raj - Member Posts: 65
edited Dec 18, 2008 2:10PM in Financial Consolidation
Hi All,

I am able to open HFM from workspace and i m able to open application from workspace. But i am not able to host HFM from web separately.

If i give "http://localhost/hfm/home/launchpage". it opens launch application page and login page should come, but it gives me an error msg page and not login page and also it asks me relogin. but, if i try again, it gives same msg.

I have checked with IIS and when i browse from IIS - HFM, it opens browser and left side top "hfm" appears.

Friends, can you please help, why HFM is not starting in separate window even though it is working fine through workspace.

Raj - Learner


  • KostasN.
    KostasN. Member Posts: 547 Silver Badge
    You should be wary about the information given below, because I've not seen some reference, it comes out from mere observation of the system (and some experience on the deployment of various components):

    In order to achieve integration of applications into a single environment (HFM - asp, Planning - jsp), Hyperion built the Workspace which is partly deployed to IIS and partly to a java application server. Therefore, they had to also rewrite some parts of HFM (not the whole of it) and deploy them to java. This can be a reason why you cannot start the HFM web standalone, but only through the workspace.

    However, since I'm not confident about the above reasoning, I would welcome any opinions, corrections and concrete knowledge on this interesting issue.

    Kostas N.
  • Raj -
    Raj - Member Posts: 65
    edited Dec 18, 2008 2:30AM
    Hi Kostas,

    I am very sorry, i m diverting you from the previoius post. but i need help from your end.

    I have installed Essbase, HFM and Planning on Windows2003. Oracle 10b database, IIS enabled

    All are them are working fine. I can open planning throgh web standalone. but i can not open HFM standalone.

    When i open HFM from workspace it is working fine. However, when i try to open Dimension library or application library, it is not. It is throwing error and it will start to think.

    I feel, there must be some mistake while performing installation and configuration of Essbase,Planning and HFM.

    Correct me, if i m wrong. I have installed these products in this sequence.

    1. Intallation of Shared services and configuration.

    2. Essbase:
    Installation of Essbase Administration services
    Installation of Essbase Client
    Installation of Essbase Server
    Installation of Essbase Integration Services
    The above all are configured with shared services and Oracle database

    3. Installation of Planning with EPMA and its configuration.

    4. Installation of HFM with EPMA and its configuration.

    5. Installation of BI Plus services and its configuration.

    6. Installation of BI UI services and its configuration.

    When i installed HFM only, that time Dimension library and application library was working.

    But when i installed both, HFM is working fine and Planning also working fine. But from PMA, i am not able to open Dimension Library and application library.

    please let me know where i m doing wrong Or am i stepping on two boats :-), i don't want to fall down.

    Raj - Learner
  • KostasN.
    KostasN. Member Posts: 547 Silver Badge

    I have never installed both HFM and Planning on the same server. Therefore, I have not seen similar issues that you mention. Given that you have a serious issue with Dimension Library, I wouldn't worry at all with the standalone HFM you mention.

    What I know from discussions with other HFM and Planning consultants is that the sequence of installation of components is important and can cause trouble. Still I don't know what the correct sequence for installing HFM and Planning is. I'm sorry that I cannot help you more than this.

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